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when do I stop?
where do I end?

Give your best and leave the rest ?
on what ? Maybe time.

what is my best?
is my best enough?

where does this end?
when do I stop taking charge?
when do I let go?
how do I let go?
Maybe stop thinking.
I ignore the question.

Being responsible is difficult enough,
Now to not be responsible
is arduous.




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Sentences started but never finished
Stories begun but never ended
abruptly maybe
People met but never understood
Drafts written but never completed
Ideas occurred but never taken further.
Lot of things left unfinished
Mis-understood .
Life will end
strongly felt (hopefully),
barely understood,
still un-known.
And I ?
Will ‘I’ end?


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Being a cripple is not about being physically disabled but about being afraid. One might be physically, mentally and emotionally able but will become a cripple if there is fear. Fear of any kind, for anything and from anything or anyone is the biggest disability. Fear of not being traditionally successful, fear of not being loved, fear of being hated, fear of not being included in the social circles, fear of insecure future, fear of not having money, fear of not marrying at the right age, will cripple a person. The person being harmed because of fear is himself/herself and no one else. Fear of not being oneself, fear of not being able to find about who one is, fear of not being ideal, fear of being rejected, fear of being scolded, fear of taking responsibility for actions of self, fear of leaving everything behind, fear of getting attached, fear of letting go of attachment, fear of anything makes one so immersed in fear that one forgets to live, see, feel , think, take action etc. One becomes inhuman because of fear.
Fearlessness is what distinguishes a human from an animal. Ability to be fearless is what makes a person, human.

Am I afraid? Yes.
Hence, am I crippled? Yes.
Thus, am I becoming less human? Yes.

Are you afraid? …….
Hence, are you crippled? ….
Thus, are you becoming less human? ….

finding vs knowing

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The Silent Temple

Shoichi was a one-eyed teacher of Zen, sparkling with enlightenment. He taught his disciples in Tofuku temple.
Day and night the whole temple stood in silence. There was no sound at all. Even the reciting of sutras was abolished by the teacher. His pupils had nothing to do but meditate.
When the master passed away, an old neighbor heard the ringing of bells and the recitation of sutras. Then she knew Shoichi had gone.

everything can be questioned

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when asking a question about something to anyone is considered wrong or invokes a lot of anger , you have asked the right question.
If a question elicits a denial or an emotional response , it is the right one.

How to Spot Psychological Manipulators

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Glimpses of happiness

January 30, 2018 § 3 Comments

I have recently returned from Japan after a month of interning in a company and I am in love with the country. I haven’t been this much in love with anything so far except trekking and one big reason why I love trekking is because no one known to me can contact me- absolutely cut-off. This might sound selfish or rude but it is what it is. Similar was with Japan is my guess. Being alone with no one known, no phone calls to answer, nothing to think or worry about, enjoy the work gave me such immense lightness which I cannot explain. I felt light on my feet, mind and emotions and for me that was happiness. This lightness was further taken to new levels by natural hot water springs (onsen). Now that I am back to India, stress is palpable to me. Just landing at India made me feel much heavier. My parents kept saying that I am back to my country but I wasn’t excited about it. Just 1 day after returning and I am back to feeling heavy/stressed as I was feeling before I left for Japan.

This makes me wonder what happiness or being at peace really is. I should be equally or should be much lighter when I am around people I know or people who love me but that is not the case with me. That simply means that they are inducing subconscious stress within me. How can stress lead to peace! Thus being in home country, working for it becomes irrelevant if it induces stress in a person. Working for others becomes pointless if it doesn’t make me feel atleast a little lighter in every way than I was earlier. Almost all notions of happiness are false if it doesn’t lead to lightness of emotions, gait, mind, body etc. There are no rights or wrongs now. There is only stress and no-stress. What adds to stress is wrong and what releases stress is right. Maybe being aware of the presence of stress is conscience in action. Living heavily is the saddest thing one can do to himself/herself. There are people who will think good for you, but they might or might not know what is really beneficial as they haven’t felt otherwise. Fighting for lightness is worth it. That fight is Yog with its conclusion being ultimate lightness and everyone has his/her own fight and fighting style.