Expound by me, On me, For me

July 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

Mind is tensed
Insides are crashing
Can’t contemplate
Just anticipate
How low..

You miss my knowledge
Reason fails me
Logic fakes me

Try to catch you
You slip between my fingers
Try to hold you
You burn me

You are-
Ice on Fire

Tried  making truce
Failed me
You nailed me

You are the hallows
of my mind
My own exquisite
My mind’s
dark art…
On the display

You are inside me
Ensnared me
Captured me

I run free
You follow me
I run from myself
How long..

You are unnatural
You are false

One day
the Ice will separate
from its flames
The Flames will
light in everyone’s hearts.
The Ice will
cool the over-burnt hearts.

You are inside me
will always be.
You are my black-out
Full of myriad hues.

The difference now is
The colours are separate.

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