I am

July 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

I sometimes wonder what I am
in this unending universe,
a useless life , a hopeless soul
An existence in a sea of humans!!

I sometimes wonder what I am
In a tormenting race bred of hatred,
Just a life given birth to, to continue the legacy,
Or just a mindless mistake?

I still keep thinking what I am
And why was I ever born?
To vegetate, and do just like others,
Be a part of the crowd?

Then one day
Again while wondering,
Why I cease to be? I get an answer to
my question, from the being inside me.

I am the ethos of this universe
The mighty unending being,
I am the only creation of this experiment
That has the power to unravel its mysteries.

I am the creation of the
Two other souls who gave birth to me.
And yes, I am supposed to carry on the legacy
Of the hallmark personage,
Creating my own niche.

I am the power of the nature
Which has been logically formed.
To use for the mankind’s growth
And to self-empower.

I am the leader of the crowd
A new path I have to form
For them to follow, go and learn
The things that I have learnt.

I have eternal power within
To change the world I live in,
This universe is my playground I realize,
So I know what I am.

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