July 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

Mirror reflects my face every day,
I see me enhancing my face,
I smile at myself,
Adjust my features
To start another fake day.

Another day comes.

Déjà vu….

Once again my face is reflected.
I see and smile.

See, see, see……..


Reflection, not smiling.
Heart, bleeding.
Mind, wondering
Over every past day.

Asks my reflection-“Why smile your face, when your heart not?”

I remain quite.

No answer to give.

Just questions in my mind.

I hate my smile.
Can’t see my face.
Mirror is not a solace.
I can’t face myself.

It’s not me.


Another day.

But no mirror.

Fake day.
But true self.

No fights, no talks.
Just silence and thoughts.
I help a child.
Make her smile.
Stop the tears in her eyes.
I make truce with my enemy.
Surprise her with my self irony.
And leave her wondering.
Maybe even happy.

I feel better.
I want to smile.
I see the mirror
and adjust my mind.

Tears in my eyes.
Smile on my face.   :’)

My reflection smiles back and says-
“You are beautiful today”

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