July 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

keep your head and heart still.
Don’t let it mix with others…
Stir it in your own style
Uninfluenced by others.
Untouched by others.
Stillness is needed.
Few minutes with yourself
Head is still
Heart is still
Life is to be still.
You wish for that stillness to continue.
To engulf
To enrich
To enlighten you
You feel the thought
You feel the soul
You feel what is really you.
Then starts a sudden turmoil.
The stillness disappears.
Everything aches
U wonder-“where is the stillness gone”
“was it just an illusion or a real jewel to be adorned”
The Process has just begun.
It can’t be aborted.
It will annihilate everything
Annul your notions.
For the “absolut” stillness to begin.

Turmoil is just one phase.

It will surely end.
By keeping your mind really
Life is chaotic
Take a break
Let the meaning soak into you.
Of your life and
let truth embrace you.
Be very quiet
Be very still.

Be a part of THE HURRICANE.
Everything will be engulfed.
But its the eye which is still
And will make everything

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