Highway to Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!Woow!!

November 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

When someone’s college time reaches to an end , the first thing that comes into their mind is that “I am going to miss my friends or my hostel or my college etc etc blah blah..”  But not me..

Its right that I won’t be living with my friends all day all night, I won’t be having those fun moments each day. Understood. But I don’t think that all of this is to grieve but to cherish forever.

As my final year of graduation is nearing its finish line , I don’t think about missing my friends but of far more fun moments that I am going to have with them and in my life .

It would be like- Work hard, Party harder!!!!!!!!!

Some random scenes  run in my head when I think of life after studies. These are attending a board ( read bored) meeting, this or that conference, working in my cubicle 9-5!!!! Hell!! Literally! First 1-2 years would be terrible…

But after that a a great company, some cool research, mind astounding technology, brilliant people, scuba diving in Phuket,  Para gliding with friends, 1 weeks stay( read got lost while trekking stay 😀 ) with a bunch of friends, Camping hill top at some unknown place again with friends, partying at someone’s place the entire night………..Such super awesome things…And those who give me a reason that where will you  get time for this….that’s lame…You’ll always manage time for things you love 🙂

And in the end, in the car, 4 people sitting at the back and 2 in front on an unending road singing( read braying like donkeys)- We’re on a Highway to Helllll!!!!!!……………


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