Credere meus (Part I)

January 17, 2014 § Leave a comment

Before writing anything, the title is in Latin meaning


This simply means that I believe in certain things, ideas, thoughts, notions etc which I will be writing about. I may be wrong or right , and I leave it on others to judge but that is not my concern. I will add my beliefs or any changes in it as I move on with my days learning, assimilating, changing my thoughts, and improving my understanding. I am writing this to know what others believe ( for or against) on the following ideas. It will expose me to new thoughts. Simple.

1.  Being “Human” is a trait, a characteristic and, NOT a  by-default setting of being born as  Homo sapiens.

2. If you love something truly, you can’t share it.

3. Humans ( Wise ones) made Religion and not vice versa.

4. What we call God is nothing but our conscience.

5. Everything in this universe, me, you, plants, animals, galaxies, black holes, suns, are the same energy being represented in different forms. Thus all of us are-ONE. Hence we have the power to make or break . Choice is ours.

6. Respond to reality. Not to a person’s hue and cry.

7. Start living for yourself ( truly, genuinely, honestly,authentically and all such synonyms) , you will be of a lot of service to others and save yourselves even more lot of trouble. Then, if living for yourself means helping others, lucky others 🙂

8. The summary of Dale Carnegie’s ” How to win friends and influence people” is “Do whatever you are doing, every action of your life ,genuinely and from the heart.” This would save you from one very big aspect, trying to change yourself for others and thus faking yourself.

9. And last( but not the least), why is said that we “fall” in love, when I think that we ought to “rise” :p


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