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India- belongs to everyone yet belongs to no one. India- Unity in Diversity. India- A land of Stories.

India is a collection of stories. Stories from far and wide distances, stories thousands of years old, stories narrated, abridged, modified, some totally changed. But a collection and colorful mixture ( rather amusing and sometimes horrifying) of stories.

Every person here is a story with many parts and phases like drama, emotional, action etc.

In India, whether rich or poor, elder or young ,a person is not just a person but an experience.

Every city( town or village) has had a past of conquer, oppression or simply decent establishment. Every dish , drink, dance is an epic story.  Our religions are stories which have happened or not( no idea really).

Our past is a magnificent, bloody, struggling ( in the correct sequence) story. Our present is a sad ( with a hope to succeed and live happily ever after) story. Our future will be a glorious tale.

We are stories narrated with variety of expressions like that of happiness, sadness, pride, arrogance, pity, surrender , fright and many more.

We are India. India is not just a country. She is a living, thriving, struggling soul and body having seen power, glory, triumph, bondage, beggary, death, struggle , growth, escalation.

She is me. I am you. And we are her.

P.S. In the current times her body and soul, both are hurt but all Indians sincerely hope and strive towards being what we are in essence and grow in the true meaning.

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