Dance till you live !! Dance till you die !!

June 20, 2014 § 1 Comment

Dance – move rhythmically on a song or beat. Performing arts.

Dance – Movement of your body in respond to an emotion so strong that you are unable to control it within yourself.

Dance – After effect of Happiness leading to Euphoria!!

Dance is nothing but a form of expression through body. It is one of those rare things that leaves a person in a state of natural high ( not metaphorically but actually). Dancing does not mean doing choreographed steps on a song but it is any movement that is done when in an uncontrolled state.

Dance is beautiful. Dance is liberating.

Some dance to remember, some dance to forget, some dance to dance!

Dance is one thing that brings you from your past/future to your-Present. It makes you enjoy your present by making you impervious to all other emotions but bliss and ecstasy. It gives you energy so powerful that it leaves people around you affected by your craziness. You jig, they jig. You hip, they hop 😀

Dance is basically of 2 types only Professional or dilettantish. And both are great!! If you know a style then dancing becomes an integral part of your life or maybe your life itself. If you are unskilled then you dance for the sheer pleasure it gives :)) Simply waving your hands and legs, jumping, rock n roll baby!! You dance and the world dances with you. If not dance at least laughs ( on you for all your weird movements). Till the time you are joyous, everything is fantastic. :))

Dance because you can!

Dance because you should!! Obviously

Dance because it is loads of fun!

Dance because you have a soul!

Dance because you have yourself!

Dance to live!! Live to dance!!

Dance till you live !! Dance till you die!!

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