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Perception- Basic ingredient that decides whether my life will be sour or sweet.

The perceptual process (or the process of perception) allows me to experience the world. It is a sensory understanding and experience of the world and life around me. Thus appropriate perception is a very important aspect of how I understand things ( and people) in reality.

My perception is my reality. And imagine the conditions when my reality is buoyant and when my reality is morose.

All of it depends on how I receive/perceive what comes my way. Thus-

LIFE = What it gives + How I take it

Simple yet profound. I can be joyous or sad in and after the same situation and conditions. It is all dependent on just one thing- view. Neither objective nor subjective. Just a(‘the’) view. Objective view brings neutrality and subjective view is objective+ various other factors( specifically human factors). Subjective view is what is to be considered here.

Mine( and others) emotions, experiences bring a change in how I perceive thus leading to either a distorted or clear view of the situation at hand. This can make my present and the related future, happy, neutral or sad. Thus the nature of my life as a whole and the small moments that make it is completely under my control. Either I can take charge of them or let them be affected by meaningless factors.

I can make a moment fruitful and content encounter just by taking it in a positive or neutral manner. And the same situation can be thrown to hell to burn if I wish to do so. Such tremendous power I have in me to decide the course of my next moment.

It is true that I am  not cognizant of the next moment but I can definitely be conscious of the moments that follow as its after-effects. It is all in me. In that magnificently powerful brain residing in its rightfully honorable position in our bodies- the top level. Everything that happens to me can be rightly executed by me  if my mind is appropriately tuned for the right frequencies.

So much power to me! To you. And I wonder why people think that they are helpless…

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  • krishna says:

    So true yar…awesome and such well written! 🙂 sahi mein and also after reading all this, to sum up what you wrote in one quote which i could recollect right now ” EVERY situation is a positive situation if viewed as an opportunity for growth and self mastery ” 🙂


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