Nobody did this….

September 3, 2014 § 2 Comments


I am nobody. You must have heard about me . I am given the responsibility of things being done and not done by everybody , anybody or somebody. When no one takes the responsibility  I am given the responsibility, “I, Nobody ,did it!. “

I am being given the responsibility of deeds done by others since eons. It is a noble job indeed. Imagine me bearing the wrongdoings of all the others in the world! And I never get thanked. It is always in a tone of depreciation when everybody justifies, ” Why should I do it, Nobody does it! Nobody did it!”.

It has always been this way and it will always be this way. I will have to keep taking responsibility for everyone’s ignorance, a ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude and sheer desensitization. Sometimes I wonder why do I do this. Why does this happen that it is always me who has to take the responsibility of everyone else’s lack of action. Am I the only one who has the strength, the guts to do this. Is everybody, anybody and somebody so weak and cowardly that none of them can come up and stand against someone’s bad actions.

At times I used to think that why was I born a nobody! Whenever some thing bad happens to someone, everybody is quiet about it. And when they are asked about why they kept quiet, why they take no action, they immediately take my name ” Nobody did it!”. I am instinctively or involuntarily given the responsibility. Why? Why should only I be Nobody. Why not everybody being nobody?

I wish for that day to happen soon when I am extinct from the face of the Earth and I don’t exist anymore. My existence is giving way to a huge number of some bodies to escape and many other some bodies to just perish is someone else’s crimes. My existence is giving everybody an escape route and is shunning them from their responsibilities.

I wish to die. Nobody wishes to die. I wish somebody and everybody help me do that.


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