Sar Pass

June 19, 2015 § 9 Comments

Mountains hold different meaning for different people. Everyone is influenced in a different way. They are for everybody willing to climb and belong to no one in particular. However easy or tough is the climb, the satisfaction of reaching the top and being among or above the fellow peaks is worth every moment of trouble.

Sar Pass at 13800 ft in the Parvati Valley is one of the Himalayan treks I decided to undertake. It takes you to a height where you, even though being at the same height as the mountains around you , don’t feel a tinge of pride seeping in. The huge snow-capped eminence humbles you. They overwhelm you to an extent of making you speechless. Feelings cannot be described at that point. Sar Pass is not a tough trek. Hence some people may lack a sense of achievement after crossing it. But what everybody positively feels is the immense beauty that those mountains have to offer- The beauty of the Himalayas.

I did the Sar Pass trek with YHAI. Considering the fact that not everyone was a fast walker or had high stamina, the pace of the trek of almost every batch ( as per my information ) was from slow to medium. There are members of every age group which makes the trek a lot of fun and insightful. There are always people who walk extremely slow to the point of annoyance of fast walking members. There are a few members who are dying to have Maggi at every lunch point ( after the ban I don’t know whether YHAI will continue the association with Maggi or not). There are always people in the group that annoy somebody. Not a single one is in the best books of everyone. Some grudge or the other will always exist. But that is what a large group has to offer. How to cooperate, adjust and move ahead without or with least arguments is what these large groups teach. I was recently reading an article about why humans rule the Earth and not any other species. The sociologist had written that humans were insignificant when they had evolved but now they rule. The reason, according to him, was because of our species’ ability to cooperate, coordinate and imagine. He said that humans would be nothing when left alone but as a group we can do wonders. The large group definitely had that learning to offer.

Besides what humans could not teach me, the trek did. As mentioned before, the trek is not tough ( I am not a pro-trekker and neither I have a stamina that I can boast of) but it is lengthy. You have to walk a lot. Also with the guides not really helping you about how much distance left to cover ( you ask them now it is 3 kms, you ask them after 1 km, still 3 kms left), you have no option but to continue walking. Walk, walk and you will reach the camp. This long walk definitely did teach me to persevere ( in this regard at least). Not only persevere but also patience. I have ended up believing patience has no threshold. How much ever you may think that you have patience , go for a trek and your patience will just increase. Anyways these long walks also gave a few people pain in the knees,thighs, shoulders and back. But after reaching the camp all the pain goes away. The beauty of each place, whether it is raining or sunny is just inimitable. The best feeling while trekking is the height gain. At the base camp, we are at the bottom of the mountain. With every single day, we gained some height and reached a higher point on the mountain ranges. One day we were at the bottom. Our walks were accompanied by the Parvati river most of the times. The other day we had walked and climbed 2000 ft higher . Nearer to the sky. Nearer to the pinnacle. With each passing day we were moving into and above the clouds. We were sitting with the gloriously ( like a boss) gliding Himalayan Eagles. And finally at Sar Pass, we were above them . We were above the clouds, the eagles and very near to the Sun. Snow was all around us and we started going crazy. Snow angels and snow mans ( just a blob of irregularly shaped snow over another such shape of snow) could be seen. At the top after having fun, when you look around and soak into the beauty, then you realise the surroundings. The strong Sun, the cold air, the white mountains with golden crown of light shining over the fresh snow, the specks of browns and blacks of rocks in between the snow. All of this just enchant you and capture you in the scene. Everyone is in awe and wonder. Instead of me having conquered the mountain, the mountains have captured me. The respect that they command without asking for it and the strength that they possess has no bounds. Reaching the top is both empowering and humbling. Looking at the night skies lit with a blanket of stars you can not think but just feel the moment. You feel like you have achieved but have no vanity. Both the view and feeling is stunning. It is worth every pain that anybody would have endured.

The most important thing that you can learn from the entire journey of trekking , reaching the topmost point and then crossing Sar Pass is – You respect the mountain and the mountain respects you. The moment you get undisciplined, that moment it lets you go. Else it guides you to its zenith 🙂 Not only this but it also teaches you to live in the moment without any judgement, without any comment, without any complaint. Just live the present. Future depends on now.

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