April 28, 2017 § Leave a comment

Is morality and ethical behaviour change-able or always fixed?
If changeable, why does it even exist?
If fixed, why don’t people always follow it ?

Are morality and ethics defined by religion or is the existence of these concepts because of religion?
If yes, why don’t people follow it?
If no, what stops people from naturally choosing an ethical path?

Is morality convenience and self-advantage based?
If yes, why does it exist?
If no, why do people find it tough to follow it?

What is courage? Is it something to show when things are favourable or a trait which is revealed during tight and unfavourable conditions?

Is morality, courage, and fearlessness the same?

Are these questions tough to answer?
If no, are you ethical?
If yes, go ask questions, question your religious beliefs and find answers. Also stay away from people who said yes without being ethical and moral themselves.


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