non-fiction books : a plague or not so much

May 14, 2017 § Leave a comment

Books books everywhere,
and not a single thought to write,
Books books everywhere,
and not a single dream to write.
Books books everywhere
with easy access to them,
books here and books there,
everyone’s a philosopher.
Books on this , books on that
everyone’s an intellectual.
Someone else has written their idea
which you have gobbled with interest.
You have now made it your own
without a single thought of your own.
Real knowledge comes from observing
and thinking for yourself,
books only work as an aid
to help you grow and flourish.
Without a basis, without your input
you adapted someone else’s word.
It makes you easily influenced
with whatever is fed.


Books are here and books are there
not an original thought to write.
Books and books are everywhere
learning depends on your mind’s might.

P.S. ┬áIt is better to first develop one’s own thinking process and then reading books (or internet articles) instead of first reading and then forming thoughts. One doesn’t grow with bookish knowledge. This applies in all fields whether technical or non-technical.
In no way am I saying that reading books are bad. I am an avid reader myself. There are certain topics or subjects where reading first is important to know something. But there are many areas where first thinking and then reading to varied views on it helps in expansion of mind and not vice versa. Being well read is one thing and being genuinely knowledgeable,intelligent and wise is another thing.
Original thought is important.



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