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Being a cripple is not about being physically disabled but about being afraid. One might be physically, mentally and emotionally able but will become a cripple if there is fear. Fear of any kind, for anything and from anything or anyone is the biggest disability. Fear of not being traditionally successful, fear of not being loved, fear of being hated, fear of not being included in the social circles, fear of insecure future, fear of not having money, fear of not marrying at the right age, will cripple a person. The person being harmed because of fear is himself/herself and no one else. Fear of not being oneself, fear of not being able to find about who one is, fear of not being ideal, fear of being rejected, fear of being scolded, fear of taking responsibility for actions of self, fear of leaving everything behind, fear of getting attached, fear of letting go of attachment, fear of anything makes one so immersed in fear that one forgets to live, see, feel , think, take action etc. One becomes inhuman because of fear.
Fearlessness is what distinguishes a human from an animal. Ability to be fearless is what makes a person, human.

Am I afraid? Yes.
Hence, am I crippled? Yes.
Thus, am I becoming less human? Yes.

Are you afraid? …….
Hence, are you crippled? ….
Thus, are you becoming less human? ….


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